Rainbow Flower Essences
Rainbow Flower Essences
Rainbow Flower Essences
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Rainbow Flower Essences

Wildflower Boom
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Made from hand picked flowers (some of Chloe Nørgaard's favorites!) by Essence of the Mother in collaboration with Wildflower Boom .

The flowers in this blend were specifically chosen to represent the rainbow and chakras.

Preserved with Apple Cider Vinegar. Suggested use is 3 drops 3 x daily by mouth, in water/tea/etc.

RED Wild Strawberry Flower

Dignity, strong, quiet sense of self and self-worth, Reliability. For leaving a dysfunctional childhood in the past. Poise, gracefulness. Being fully Present and comfortable in and about ones body.

ORANGE Nasturtium

Grounding and physical vitality. Preparing the kundalini channel for the rise of one's natural sensual life force. Creative expression. Brings colour, joy and a sense of renewed vitality to the body, mind and soul. Healing and balancing the sexual energy channel. Spicing up life, connecting to living in harmony with life's pleasures.

YELLOW Dandelion

Attunes you to the essence of the sun. Assists one with clearing and expelling toxic imprints. Dandelions help one to find their center point of gravity, living bright like the sun.


Lovingly protects, cleans and clears ones Auric field - energy body- overall well being from negative energies. The ancient wisdom of Sage helps to purify old negative patterns and programming’s. This plant clears ones surroundings. Deepens Ceremonial practices and quiets the internal mind for new connection and growth.

BLUE/INDIGO Wild Forget Me Not

Tiny gems of nature with grand imprints of guidance & wisdom. These little blue flowers are powerful within the line's of "restoring and remembering." Forget me nots helps us to find the beauty in our existence and reminds us that our own unique soul essences will never be forgotten. She assists us within Memory, Vision and Dreams. Clarity of thought improves as negative thought patterns are released.

VIOLET Lavender

Shifts repetitive thinking into a calm flow of thoughts with clear understanding and a sweet, heart-centered connection. Strengthens your personal boundaries and brings peace of mind for restful sleep.

WHITE Jasmine

is a highly spiritualizing essence which works through the heart chakra, awakening the sense of self-love which is essential for a relationship with the Higher Self and the spiritual realms. She Stimulates kundalini from the root chakra. Opens the physical mind to the spiritual life and expedites spiritual development. Consideration and kindness. Ability to perceive the Divine within all things. Jasmine flower essences assists alertness in spiritual practice. Inner guidance from unseen beings. Stimulates wisdom body, Awakens enthusiasm and feelings of inner beauty. Stimulates god spark within the heart chakra. Jasmine is for living in the now and allowing to let the past go.

Essence of the Mother is a high vibrational flower essence line created with deep respect for the realm of the Flora & Fauna.

The flowers that weave forth into these unique flower essence blends are all crafted from the un touched flora that grow vast and wild within the deep forests, deserts, tropics and high mountain plains. Each flower holds their own divine signature as a vibrational imprint of energetic medicine and messages that are here to support the wholeness of the Mind - Body - Spirit attunement.

Rachel Maroudas the creator of Essence of the Mother is a medium between plants and human, she has studied the Secrets of the flora since her adolescents. What was once a means of running to nature to find comfort, stillness and truth soon became a lifelong discovery of the secret healing world within a single flower.

**Each Product Is Unique. Bottle & Sticker Colors May Vary**