Steady Goods in the Press

Steady Goods featured in the Made in NYC Newsletter

"Why should you participate? Quite simply, we can’t get through this alone. If we all band together to promote a centralized marketplace, we build a larger audience together, and help stay afloat with a steady albeit small stream of revenue." - Made in NYC

"This vibrant shot of Times Square takes you back to a time – a couple of months ago – when the city never slept. It’s available in three different sizes so you can choose the level of difficulty you’re up for.

Plus, Steady Goods is a hyper-local, community-sourced ecommerce platform, and 15% of profits go directly back to the creators whose businesses have been affected by the pandemic.-'s Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Travel-Related Jigsaw Puzzles

"When the pandemic hit, Nicholas, a creative director in Brooklyn quickly realized business was changing and he wanted to help local operations survive. He helped launch @steadygoodsnyc to connect local creators with shoppers around the world. Read his story here and check out Steady Goods because they undoubtedly have something you need (like jigsaw puzzles!)" - Shift Change

"Staying Open Means Staying Nimble and Creative" - The Lo-Down 

"The Global Help Desk Initiative is pleased to announce that we have added three key strategic partners as we build out a secure online resource center for the world: Mei Lin Fung, Marko Russiver, and Nicholas Rhodes [SteadyGoods Founder]. They join the team at Indais in developing an open-source online network that identifies situations and facilitates the delivery of goods, services and information to those in need." - Global Help Desk Initiative

"An e-commerce marketplace for NYC makers called Steady Goods was launched to promote and sell your products. The platform Steady Goods was created by Yard tenant, Outsnapped, and aims to alleviate the financial pressures during the current global pandemic." - Brooklyn Navy Yard