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Lorenia Henriquez, founder of Luni

COVID-19's Affect on Luni:

"I make the bulk of my sales from selling at markets and events throughout the year, due to Covid-19 that has changed completely. I also had planned to start fun jewelry making classes monthly in March and that was postponed indefinitely due to Covid-19." - Lorenia Henriquez, founder of Luni

About Luni:

Luni is a contemporary jewelry and curated home goods company created by it’s founder Lorenia Henriquez. Taking inspiration from her love and background in Fashion and Cultural Anthropology, she creates jewelry that helps bring out your unique essence and expression. Our mission at Luni is to bring back feminine power through jewelry that is inspired by esoteric symbolism originating from our ancestors. Helping our Modern Diosas express themselves wholeheartedly while honoring our past collectively.

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