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Krammer & Stoudt's Creative Director Mike Rubin


"We have no direct to consumer sales via pop up/sample sales/trunk shows...and our wholesale accounts are closed due to the pandemic, cross country and globally. We expect cancellations on fall wholesale. We've laid off 3 employees, one full-time and 2 part-time. We have unpaid for inventory locked in a closed factory in Tennessee. " - Courtenay Nearburg of Krammer & Stoudt


Krammer & Stoudt is directly inspired by Creative Director Mike Rubin’s life experience. Drawing from the seminal subcultures of Southern California, where Mike was born and raised, the gritty and independent energy of Brooklyn, where he lives today and creates the collections, and the soul of the Southwest, a rustic and raw landscape, where he chooses to decompress from the pace of the city.

With K&S, the goal has always been to establish a new American menswear vernacular, that speaks to a global contemporary client with a taste for comfort and durability, but also for luxury and sophistication in materials and execution.

At Krammer & Stoudt, the philosophy of success is not defined solely by profit. We believe in a new American luxury that takes classic menswear silhouettes and evolves those concepts to appeal to a more global and sophisticated menswear audience. We aspire to redefine what it means to be ‘Made in America’ menswear today.

For more information about Krammer & Stoudt visit their website:

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