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COVID-19's effect on Jenna Sauers:

“Making skincare products has long been a side hustle for me, but since the pandemic, it’s become more of a main hustle. About a week after New York City entered lockdown, my job disappeared, and I and all my colleagues were furloughed without pay. The scale of everything we’re facing is so vast that it has been a comfort to me to retreat into my little world of potions and beakers.” - Jenna Sauers

About Jenna Sauers:

A longtime journalist who became so obsessed with skincare that she decided to formulate her own products, Jenna Sauers writes and experiments in Brooklyn. When she started sharing her concoctions with friends in 2017, her nourishing oil cleanser quickly developed a cult following for being gentle and free of harsh surfactants, but highly effective at removing makeup and impurities. Sauers formulates her products with a focus on scientifically-backed ingredients and top quality cold-pressed botanical oils.

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