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Alex Sorenson of Blank State Kitchen

COVID-19's Affect on Blank Slate Kitchen: 

"Many of our retailers have closed and our production facility has been closed for weeks as well." - Alex Sorenson of Blank Slate Kitchen

About Blank Slate Kitchen:

Blank Slate Kitchen is a Brooklyn-based company that crafts intriguing ingredients for the curious cook. Our unique, sustainably-minded pantry ingredients help people explore, develop and realize their own kitchen creativity. Our products are crafted with the finest quality ingredients we can find, all non-GMO and never with any preservatives, colorings, additives or chemicals. Currently we offer the only clean-label, domestically-produced Sichuan Chili Oil and have other products in the works!

For more information about Blank Slate Kitchen visit their website:

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  • Bird's Eye Chili Rich Simple Syrup
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